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Mitel Call Center Applications and Solutions

We have a management team that offers consulting with any software applications which would allow us to pinpoint your specific needs.

Mitel ACD for Enterprises not only provides the same features and capabilities that the Mitel Contact Center Business Edition offers, but also scalability, resiliency and virtual ACD system abilities.


Scalable For Future Growth

Designed to support both centralized and highly distributed environments, each Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) scales up to 350 ACD agents in a virtual contact center environment, and when interconnected together, up to thousands of agents in a networked contact center environment.

Resilient Ensuring Business Continuity

The Mitel 3300 ICP can be deployed in a highly reliable, fault tolerant network architecture that can support redundant call queueing and hot standby agent failover, that seamlessly goes live in the event of system or network outages. Each Mitel 3300 ICP is also available with optional physical redundancy, for key hardware components. A Customer Interaction Solution from Mitel can be configured with no single point of failure, ensuring exceptional system reliability and uninterrupted service during periods of high call volumes.


Virtual Contact Center Right Call, Right Agent, Anywhere

Whether your agents are located in the same building, at a branch office in the city, at home, or on the other side of the world, the Mitel ACD system provides geographic independence, ensuring your customer inquiries can be resolved, regardless of where your contact center agents are located. This "agents anywhere" model provides maximum benefit to you in staffing your contact center. It ensures your customers receive prompt service by having agents with the right skills available, no matter where they are located.

Networked Contact Center - Load Balancing

The Mitel ACD system supports a distributed network of interconnected contact centers. Several systems can be interconnected together to implement overflow and load balancing across several high-traffic systems. This networked configuration can support thousands of agents, and ensures uninterrupted service across multiple systems in the event of power outages or network failures.

Resilient and virtual multi-site configurations of Voice Automatic Call Distribution are only available as part of Contact Center Enterprise Edition.

For information on product and application interoperability, please contact your nearest E-Z Tel.